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Here are the rules and format to calculate UMBHA points for Year End Awards

Year End Awards
Year-end awards will be given after the final event of the year. The point secretary will be responsible for keeping track of points. These points will be posted at each show. If there is a discrepancy in points the Board of Directors will have the final authority to resolve the problem.
To receive point for the year-end awards the person OWNING the horse and the person SHOWING the horse must both be paid members of UMBHA. This membership must be paid before the horse will receive any points. If a person joins UMBHA at an approved event the points for the horse for that event will count towards year-end awards. If the horse was at any events prior to the membership being paid NO points for the previous event(s) will be given.
Each horse must be shown in at least 50% of the scheduled clsses that the owner wishes to be considered for. (e.g. If aiming for the Dun Factor year-end awards you MUST show in that class at a minimum of 50% of our available shows.)
Year-end awards are based on point totals for the horse except for Youth and Amateur. Youth and Amateur awards are always based on the individual in accordance with IBHA rules.
Year-end awards will be given in Open IBHA, Amateur IBHA, Youth IBHA and Non-IBHA Classes.
High Point Open Horse Award will be given to the horse with the most total points in all IBHA Open classes combined.
High Point Youth Award will be given to the Youth with the most total points in all IBHA Youth classes combined on a one horse/one rider basis.
High Point Amateur Award will be given to the Amatuer with the most total points in all IBHA Amateur classes combined on a one horse/one rider basis.
# of horses            Year-end points awarded
                             1st       2nd      3rd      4th      5th      6th
1                            1
2                            2           1
3                            3           2          1
4                            4           3          2          1
5                            5           4          3          2         1
6                            6           5          4          3         2           1
7-10                       7            6         5           4        3            2
11-15                     8            7         6           5         4           3
16-20                     9            8         7           6         5           4
21-25                    10           9         8           7         6           5
26+                      11          10         9           8         7           6
All qualifying horses will receive a minimum of one participation point.
When calculating Grand and Reserve Champion Horses at each show towards the year-end awards the Grand Champion Horse will receive at least one point more than any other horse in its sex division. If this horse is from the largest class it will receive ONE additional point. The Reserve Champion Horse will receive as many points as any other horse in its sex division except the Grand Champion. If the Reserve Champion Horse is from the largest class it will receive NO additional points.
The Trail Riding Award will be given to the horse that has been ridden the most miles/hours on organized trail rides. This horse will not have to be IBHA registered but the OWNER and RIDER must be UMBHA members. The trail rides must be held by a club or organization with a trail boss to sign a "Proof of Miles/Hours" statement. The season for trail rides will be from Nov 1st of each year through Oct 31st of the following year. This allows for adequate bookkeeping time before the Awards Banquet. If a weekend ride falls on Oct 31st and Nov 1st it will count towards the current years points.
# of Miles or        Hours         Points
1-10                         1-3              1
11-25                       4-6              2
26-50                       7-10            3
51-75                     11-14            4
76-100                     15+             5
The number of miles are per event. For example, a single day ride covering 51 miles will receive 4 points. A three-day ride covering 51 miles will also receive 4 points. Hours are based on the speed of a horse at a walk. (Approximately 4 mph.)
The All Around Horse Award will be given to the horse that receives the most total points in a combination of events. This horse must compete in and receive points in each of nine categories listed "A" through "I".
A multiplier will be used to distinguish the degree of difficulty for each class. For example Halter classes have a multiplier of 1 while Reining has a multiplier of 3. Reining is more difficult and requires a greater degree of training than Halter. If a horse earns 3 points in Halter it would receive 3 points towards the All Around Award (3 x 1 = 3). If a horse earns 3 points in Reining it would receive 9 points towards the All Around Award (3 x 3 = 9).
Category                 Multiplier                Class
A                                1                          HALTER
                                                               1. Stallions
                                                               2. Mares
                                                               3. Geldings
                                                               4. Dun Factor
B                                1                           WESTERN PLEASURE
                                                               5. Jr Horse
                                                               6. Sr Horse
C                                1                           HUNTER UNDER SADDLE
                                                               7. Jr Horse
                                                               8. Sr Horse
D                                3                           JUMPING
                                                               9. Hunter Hack
E                                3                           PATTERN CLASSES
                                                               10. Reining
                                                               11. Western Riding
F                                3                            TRAIL CLASSES
                                                               12. Hunt Seat Trail
                                                               13. Western Trail
G                               3                            SPEED CLASSES
                                                               14. Pole Bending
                                                               15. Barrel Racing
H                               4                            CATTLE CLASSES
                                                               16. Working Cow Horse
                                                               17. Cutting
                                                               18. Calf Roping
                                                               19. Heading
                                                               20. Heeling
I                                 4                            TRAIL RIDES
                                                                21. Trail Rides